Il castello (the castle)

Limone big venue and small venue 1 – 2 November 2011 – 8.30 pm
Freely inspired from Franz Kafka’s text / adaptament and direction Giorgio Barberio Corsetti /with Ivan Franek, Mary Di Tommaso, Julien Lambert, Fortunato Leccese, Fabrizio Lombardo, Alessandro Riceci, Patrizia Romeo / scene Giorgio Barberio Corsetti and Massimo Troncanetti / light  Massimo Troncanetti / video and sound Igor Renzetti /costumes Francesco Esposito
Fattore K. (Italia)

Il castello is a theatrical adaptation of Franz Kafka’s  The castle, in the form of an itinerant performance. The different stops, or stations, recount the adventures of K and an imaginary geography, a route, a kind of  interactive  snakes  and  ladders,  simultaneously manifests itself online. Whoever enters the site can follow it just like K in the village, becoming involved in the quest, the small victories and the defeats.

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