Being Harold Pinter

Cavallerizza manica corta | 30 October 2011 – 8.00 pm
31 October 2011 – 9.30 pm

from text by di Harold Pinter / adaptament and direction Vladimir Shcherban / with Nikolai Khalezin, Pavel Gorodnitski, Yana Rusakevich, Oleg Sidorchik, Irina Yaroshevich, Denis Tarasenko, Marina Yurevich
Belarus free theatre production (Bielorussia)

Winner of the Off-Broadway Obie Award in 2011, the Belarus Free Theatre, founded in 2005, is one of the most powerful voices of dissent against the repressive belarusian regime. Despite constant intimidation, the company has acquired considerable fame, thanks in  part  to  the  support  of  artists  like  Tom  Stoppard, Harold  Pinter, Václav  Havel,  Kevin  Spacey  and  Jude Law.
In being Harold Pinter, the Belarus Free Theatre questions  the  genesis  of  a  theatrical  text  and  the differences  between  truth  in  real  life  and  truth  in art, the same subjects tackled by pinter in his Nobel prize for literature acceptance speech.

Show with Italian surtitles

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