La stratégie de l’échec

Limone sala piccola | 29 October 2011 – 7.30 and 10.00 pm
30 October 2011 – 10.00 pm
choreography Nabil Hemaïzia and Mathieu Desseigne / artistic consultant Sylvain
Bouillet / dancers Nabil Hemaïzia and Mathieu Desseigne / musical arrangements Sébastien Piasco / light Lucas Toureille
Collectif 2 temps 3 mouvements (Francia)

A piece of great energy, a work that starts from the roots of movement and reaches a physical control at the limits of virtuosity. Founded in 2006, the 2 temps 3 mouvements Collective passes through the energy of hip-hop dance and the language of contemporary circus. Mathieu Desseigne is a permanent member of Alain Platel’s les ballets c de la b company.

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