Limone big venue| 26 October 2011 – 8.30 pm | national premiere
an idea of Maguy Marin in collaboration with Denis Mariotte / interpreters Ulises Alvarez, Teresa Cunha, Matthieu Perpoint, Romain Bertet, Mayalen Otondo, Jeanne Vallauri, Vania Vaneau / Ennio Sammarco assistant / technical director and lighting Alexandre Béneteaud / scene Michel Rousseau / costumes Nelly Geyres
Compagnie Maguy Marin (France)

After the triumph of the celebrated May B, Maguy Marin is back in Turin with a visionary and surprising piece, with a choreography that expresses a profound ethical commitment, sometimes provoking, but necessary for what it shows and affirms. Salves is a decidedly political piece translated  into  scenes  of  great  velocity,  celebrated  by an  extraordinary  finale:  a  battle  around  an  immense table, with much flinging of sauce and paint.

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