Rivelazione + Tempesta

sette meditazioni intorno a Giorgione

drama Laura Curino, Simone Derai, Maria Grazia Tonon / with Laura Curino and Marco Menegoni / direction Simone Derai
Anagoor/ Operaestate Festival

to follow

with Ana Bragagnolo, Pierantonio Bragagnolo / direction Simone Derai
Anagoor / co-production Centrale Fies, Operaestate Festival (Italy)

Giorgione is one of the most enigmatic figures in the history of art. Trying to bring him into focus is like trying to see the constellation of the seven sisters, the Pleiades: it’s easier if you don’t look at it directly. That’s what Anagoor has done, with the help of Laura Curino, creating a Revelation.Tempèstas originally meant moment of the day,” writes the company, “and only afterwards did it became a condition, an atmospheric state. In The Tempest, in the Frieze and in other paintings by Giorgione the lightning moment is immortalised in the natural representation of the lightning, of the atmosphere and the light of a Veneto that will never return.”

not included in season ticket


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