Le Petit Chaperon Rouge

Gobetti 22 October 2011 – 8.30 pm
23 October 2011 – 4.30 pm
written and directed by Joël Pommerat / based on the fairy tale / with Isabelle Rivoal, Murielle Martinelli – Valérie Vinci, Ludovic Molière – Rodolphe / set design and costumes Marguerite Bordat / set design and lighting Éric Soyer
Compagnie Louis Brouillard (France/Belgium)

Rediscovering Charles Perrault’s popular fairy tale in the authenticity of its characters and their actions: this is Joël Pommerat’s plan for his Le Petit Chaperon rouge. Invaluable and careful work on the characters has reached the heart of the tale: the relationship with the danger and fear, the emotions and desire that each of us experiences as a child as an initiation into adult life.

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