Die Nacht kurz vor den Wäldern

by Bernard-Marie Koltès / translation Simon Werle /
dramaturgy Catherine Schumann / with Clemens Schick / music Franco Visioli / light Simone De angelis / costumes Graziella Pepe / mouvements Francesco Manetti / direction Antonio Latella /assistant director Daniele Fior
surtitles tranlation by Luca Scarlini
spielzeit’europa – berliner festspiele e Stabile/Mobile Compagnia Antonio Latella

Night  just  before  the  forests  debuted  at  the  festival  off  in avignon  in  1977,  the  work  of  the  then  28-year-old  Bernard-Marie Koltès.  Prospettiva150  opens  with  antonio  latella’s painful and moving version with german actor clemens schick. Latella  concentrates  his  new  production  on «the  solitude  of the different, of the foreigner, of those who seek the moment that makes men equal, at whose altar only the chosen few sit, men or demons with wings who have never descended into the forest of everyday dying».

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